About You...

Are you suffering from stress, overwhelm, anxiety or burnout?

Maybe you just know, deep down, that the only thing standing between you and "success", whatever that is, is YOU?

I have a question for you that I ask a lot.

When are you going to love yourself enough to do something about that?

The Mindfixer - Public Speaking

I know that's a tough question,

but don't you owe it to yourself and the people you care about, the people who are depending on you,

to handle whatever is that's making you miserable, holding you back or stopping you feeling like you deserve success?

Isn't it time to stop hiding, to uncover your greatness, and feel like someone you, and those you love, can be proud of?

Well here's another question. Why not now?

I don't have to know you to believe in you, because I know what people are capable of. So I'm going to be direct and to the point...

If you feel like you need to:

  • recover from burnout
  • escape overwhelm
  • silence your inner critic
  • erase negative behaviour
  • "delete" old Trauma
  • stop anxiety in its tracks
  • get "unstuck"
  • climb off an unconsciously self-imposed "plateau"
  • build resilience

so you can:

  • feel the peace you long for
  • significantly increase your income
  • have more fun
  • have better relationships with the people you love
  • regain your power
  • or figure out what you REALLY want...

I can help !

I've helped thousands of people through online group training, and hundreds of 1:1 clients,

to become a version of themselves who is able to create the life or business they want.

And I can be here for you too.

So if you meet my 3 criteria and understand that:

  • Something has to Change
  • It has to be Now
  • And it has to be YOU

About me, and how I got here...

I never set out to be a healer of minds. Far from it. For most of my life I didn't even like people.

Because, I never felt good enough around them


The harshest and most persistent criticism I have ever faced was that which I directed against myself.

I spoke to myself in ways that I would never dream of talking to another person.

The level of self loathing and self hatred I lived with was unbearable at times, like having your worst enemy looking over your shoulder waiting for a mistake.

At times the only way I could cope was to punish myself through self harm, actual physical pain.

I believed I was broken, at times less than human.

And, most of the time, of course, nobody knew.

It was only through luck, work, and a journey of discovery about what had caused all this, learning how to break free,

forgiveness of myself and others and so many understandings of how we work as humans,

that I was able to silence those 'disgusting' voices.

And along the way I realised that others were struggling too, in their own unique ways, and that I could use the lessons I had learned on my own journey to discover ways to help them.

I found a way for all the pain I had experienced to mean something, a way for it not to be wasted.

And, at first anyway, a way to feel useful and worthy.

All the work I do now originated from my own journey, backed up by thousands of hours of study, some incredible therapists, coaches and friends, and many hundreds of clients.

Everything I write and teach is driven by my desire to help others, to save them from what I experienced.

Every client I see, or package I sell funds my ability to do this work for a living, not a hobby, and means I am able to be the best I can be.

So understand, when I make you an offer to help you, it's not because I'm a marketer trying to make some money from you,

it's because this is my life's work.

This is who I am and what I do.

And I promise, whatever is troubling you right now, I have a perspective that only a few other people have lived through and survived, let alone turned into their greatest asset, and skills that most people wouldn't believe possible.

People call me The Mindfixer and if that sounds like what you might need,

I'm here for you.

Many times clients have said to me:

"I bet you've never met anyone as f***ed up as me"

And my response?

"Oh, yes, I used to know someone..."

So, if that's you, let's talk, shall we?

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